Data Backup And Recovery

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning

Back up data and protect your organization from theft, accidental data loss and everything in between.

Sleep better at night knowing your organization’s data is fully backed up and being managed by a full-service backup and disaster recovery team.

Having a reliable and managed backup strategy helps to ensure your backups run on time and smoothly. In addition, if a file is lost for whatever reason, you can replace it in a timely manner.

Disaster recovery planning incorporates this type of backup strategy but allows your company to retain data and recover it quickly even if a complete disaster destroys your on-premise backup platform or application server.

At BDT, we know that a large percentage of businesses that suffer from a data loss end up shutting down their business in a matter of a few years. Security of your company’s data is especially significant as cybersecurity risks are at an all-time high. Choose one of the safest ways to back up your data and ensure business continuity planning is in place with BDT.

Backup and disaster recovery that has your back!

Does your organization experience any of the following issues?

  • Backup window logs that take too long
  • Undocumented, unreliable, or unmanaged file backup procedures
  • Undocumented disaster recovery plan
  • Untested data recovery for file disaster
  • Uncertainty of the timeframe that a data loss disaster would last
  • Inability to calculate costs of data loss or recovery time
  • Lack of business continuity planning

If your organization is struggling with any of the above, it is likely time for you to reassess your backup and disaster recovery strategy as well as review your business continuity plan to fill in the gaps.

Many organizations neglect disaster recovery procedures until it is too late. A full disaster can be caused by a fire, tornado, or a server crash, but it could also be caused by much simpler events including user error from a team member who has access to the backup, a hardware malfunction, or even a burst or frozen water pipe.

Having a plan to combat the potential loss of your data and servers is critical as most businesses who experience such disasters without a well-designed, implemented and tested disaster recovery plan will struggle to return to operations and to support revenue streams.

Using BDT’s proven backups and disaster recovery services will allow your organization to take advantage of the following features

Onsite backups

Retrieve lost files within minutes from local backups

Cloud backups

Automatic data backup to the cloud so you always have recovery ability

Onsite and cloud backup verifications

Sleep better knowing your backups are being monitored for accuracy 24/7

Server virtualization in the cloud

Quick recovery time

Are You Prepared?

If a disaster strikes, the time it takes to return to operations becomes an absolute critical factor.

Our backup and disaster recovery planning will ensure you get back up and running as quickly as possible.

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