Cloud Computing Migration

Cloud Computing Migration Services in Chicago and Beyond

Leverage the cloud for applications and infrastructure for a more predictable cost structure and 99.99% uptime.

Discover more about our cloud computing migration services and what we can do for you.

    Black Diamond has designed and executed multiple applications as well as infrastructure cloud migrations for clients of all sizes. Microsoft 365, Unified Communications (VOIP), and cloud-based backup are great examples of leveraging the cloud to get cost containment as well as high availability.

    Cloud servers and desktops are examples of putting hardware in the cloud to be able to scale up and down on demand.

    Why should you consider leveraging the cloud?

    Easily scale resources up and down as needed

    Predictable cost structure

    99.99% uptime

    Managed security

    Black Diamond offers the following cloud solutions

    Microsoft 365 Migrations

    We provide the most seamless and hassle free migration for all of your data and communications onto Microsoft 365.

    Disaster Recovery

    If you’ve faced a data leak, security breach or even just a system failure, we can help your IT systems get back on their feet.

    AWS and Azure migrations

    We specialize in helping you move all of your data and workflow to the most advanced collaborative cloud systems like AWS or Azure

    Cloud strategy and design

    We help you embrace the cloud and make the most of it with our best in class cloud strategy and design services.

    Cloud migration design and budgeting

    All businesses are seeing the need to migrate to the cloud and manage their workflow more efficiently. Cloud design and budgeting can help you weed out the fluff and get to the cloud infrastructure that you truly need.

    Cloud infrastructure management

    We help businesses manage their cloud infrastructure to improve cost effectiveness and handle their data more effectively.

    Active directory cloud migration

    We help you empower your employees with all of the tools that they need to drive growth and success.

    Unified Cloud Communications

    Global and remote teams are here to stay. We can help you make the most of your teams by setting up a unified cloud communications system that works.

    Web Hosting

    Your site needs to be up and running at all times for readers and buyers around the world. We provide world class web hosting solutions so that you can meet your customers every time, everywhere.

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