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Our Security Services

Big companies make all the headlines when a breach occurs. Online, in newspapers, or on TV, you hear about these breaches on a weekly, and lately, even a daily basis. It would be easy to assume that cybercrime does not happen to small businesses but in fact they are the biggest target for today’s cyber criminals. Our security packages include the following crucial services to protect your organization.

Onboarding Security Audit

Included in all security packages, this is a base audit of current practices, policies, equipment, and operations of the organization. It also includes recommendations for new policies such as lock out timers on sessions, two factor authentication, and password policies. The audit consists of a multi-point security assessment checklist and a deliverable of suggested ways to integrate and improve overall organizational security.

Endpoint Monitoring and Response-24x7x365

Security Operations Center monitored anti-malware. Constant Endpoint Detection with immediate response and remediation for common threats. Protected monitoring and remediation include firewall activity, lateral movement, ransomware. Policies are improved and pushed on the fly to clients for a continuously improving security posture based on real time data.

Patch Management

Testing patches on demand. Management and deployment of all fully tested patching to all supported machines. A lack of ability to test new patches leads to patches not being updated. Not patching your network is one of the largest openings in a corporate infrastructure. Our ability to fully test the suggested patches and then implanting them allows for this giant gap to be closed immediately.

Dark Web Monitoring and Reporting

Consistent monitoring of the dark web for breach reports and potential signs of compromise for domain activity, passwords, user accounts, and client data. Management and remediation of any such breaches. Specifically, those that can be used to escalate non-compliant access to the network infrastructure.

External IP Monitoring

Persistent monitoring for open ports and services within an organization including firewall and web server IP addresses. These open ports have traditionally been an easy way in for cyber criminals to attack an infrastructure and even take control of external and customer facing assets like your corporate website.

Web and Content Filtering

Filtering for obscene content as well as sites that do not fulfill the security requirements as collaboratively defined with client and our expertise. End users landing on non-white listed websites are a major catalyst for security breach.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Centralized logging for all assets. Logs are prioritized based on client needs and enable more immediate device troubleshooting and proactive problem solving.

Live Agent for Security Issues

Similar to a help desk, this allows trained end users to submit any questionable emails or phishing attempts to a security professional for review and response. The goal of the review would be to block future similar attempts.

Awareness Reporting

Monthly executive dashboard reporting of IT security threats. Insight into the types of activities affecting firewalls, endpoints, malware alerts, and new threat attempts.

Is your business prepared for the cyber crime that it is up against in today’s environment?

A cyber-attack can literally and instantly cripple your business.

Our security first approach protects your organization 24/7/365

Based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Black Diamond’s managed cyber protection services offer enterprise level security protection for SMB clients.