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Focus on your business knowing your network security is being monitored and protected 24x7x365.

The days of your business being too small to be a target of cybercrime are gone. Studies have shown that the SMB market is one of the most targeted as cyber-criminals see the companies as less prepared.

Let the team at Black Diamond Solutions significantly lower your financial, operational, and reputational risk of a cyber attack on your business.


Big companies make all of the headlines when a breach occurs. Online, in newspapers, or on TV, you hear about these breaches almost on a weekly basis. It would be easy to assume that cybercrime does not happen to small businesses, but it does. A cyber-attack can cripple your business.

BDS will protect, monitor, and remediate threats to your environment 24x7x365.

Most SMBs barely have enough IT staff to manage the core infrastructure, technically support business growth projects, and support end users. Adding a dedicated and experienced security team for 24x7x365 protection is just not usually in the budget.

Business Security Risks You Should Think About


Think about what could happen to your organization if your website or email were inactive and no longer under your control.


Think about what could happen if system outages caused partial or even full downtime for your staff?


Think about what a cybercriminal could do to your company’s reputation by gaining access to your list of clients, proprietary data or financials.


Hire Black Diamond's Managed Security Team and never think about this

BDS Managed Offerings

Service C.O.R.E. Security
C.O.R.E. Security
Managed Services
C.O.R.E. Security
Managed Services
Dedicated Account Manager
24/7/365 Endpoint Monitoring/Response/Remediation
Dark Web Monitoring
Onboarding Security Audit
Patch Management
End User Security Awareness and Phishing Training
Quarterly Limited Scope Vulnerability Assessment
Monthly Executive Reporting
Advanced Monitoring and Reporting for
Network Devices (e.g., Syslogs, Firewall, IDS, and IPS)
Available Available Available
Email Security Available Available Available
Tenable Instance Available Available Available
SIEM-Logging Service Available Available Available
Help Desk 24/7/365   Available Available
Help in Response to 3rd Party Auditing   Available
Managed Backup  
Cloud Based Disaster Recovery for Critical Systems  
Help Desk 9-5, M-F  

Endpoint Management, Detection, and Response

“Set it and forget it” is not a viable endpoint security plan.
We offer 24x7x365 security monitoring, response, and remediation of ALL security alerts.

Risk being mitigated: Malware attacks and Intrusion at the endpoint level potentially causing breach to that device and devices it is connected to on the network.

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Dark Web Monitoring

24x7x365 monitoring and notification of organizational credentials available on the Dark Web.
Company emails and credentials on the dark web put the bad guys a lot closer to breaching your company’s assets.

Risk being mitigated: Identity theft, credential compromises raising the risk of unauthorized access of internal applications and data bases, data theft.

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Web and Content Filtering

The ability to visit certain sites by employees opens up all types of risks for the organization.
In addition to network security and breach risks, visibility to these sites can open the company up to HR liabilities as well as lawsuits.

We set company parameters around site visits, set policy to match these parameters, and manage any change/delete needs.

Risks being mitigated: HR issues such as potential harassment or hostile work environments lawsuits, phishing attempts and malware-based attacks.

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External IP Monitoring

Always on scanning across all network devices on your perimeter helps to keep an eye on the things that keep your business running: firewalls, webservers, and other network devices.
Don’t ever be surprised by your website being down again.

Risk being mitigated: Perimeter based attacks such as DDOS attack that can bring down and take control of your website. Risk of downtime-Costs of ecommerce or trust with clients if website is down.

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End User Security and Phishing Training

Train every employee to be a front-line defender of your network.

IT security cannot just be left up to the IT department anymore. Cyber criminals today are using your end users as a catalyst for attacks. Training your employees on what to look for in their inbox as well as online can be the difference between a horrible attack and just another day at the office. Our training is ongoing and incorporates gamification so that your employees will want to participate.

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Patch Management

Lack of correct patch management can be one of the biggest gaps in IT security.

Our highly flexible patch management process includes patch reporting and notifications, automated or manual patching, and integrated centralized management. Keeping your patching on schedule is one of the best ways to lower your risk of cyber-attacks.

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Monthly Executive Reporting

You cannot manage what you are not tracking.

Knowing how well your team is performing regarding cybersecurity will be much easier as we will provide a monthly update on the services we are providing and the effect they are having on your employees and systems. Reporting will include suggestions for additional processes as well as make you aware of any continued gaps that should be addressed.

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Onboarding Security Assessment

Our security assessment onboarding process includes dark web scanning, password policy and management review, credentials audit, and cyber insurance overview.
We confirm your endpoints, end user access, servers and network devices are up-to-date.

Risk being mitigated: Not starting from a set baseline of security can lead to unknown issues ranging from credential protection to security policy as well as risk of cyber insurance non-payouts.

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About the NIST Framework


Determine your organization's critical cybersecurity risks.


Define the safeguards you require to protect your infrastructure.


Implement tools to quickly identify and monitor various cyber risks.


Take the right measures to aid in responding to a cyber attack.


Restore services or functionalities that may have been damaged.

Want a free security consultation and dark web scan?

Fill out the form and one of our network security experts in Chicago will be in touch within 24-48 hours to get you set up.

A free dark web scan will let you know if you already have credentials that have been compromised. It’s a great place to start when considering a managed security partner in Chicago.

Protecting your business is our business. Whether your company has 5 users or 500 users, without a dedicated resource protecting your network environment, your company’s data and performance are at risk.

This is where Black Diamond’s team of cybersecurity experts and professionals come in to protect your business 24x7x365.