Co-Managed IT Services

US Based CO-Managed Services

Who helps support your support team?
In today’s business environment, three things have become absolute.

  • The need for IT departments to deliver high performance with an “always on” mentality.
  • Having a strategic plan that includes how IT will support the other initiatives within the business.
  • Being able to justify costs now more than ever, not just with people but with resources.

Black Diamond’s co-managed IT services are a fully customizable way to give support to your internal IT staff. By strategically taking items off their plate that they don’t have the bandwidth or expertise to manage, your team can be free to focus on items that help your business grow.

With over 15 years of experience in the IT support industry, it is extremely rare that an IT department of any size could not use some outside support to keep up with all the day-to-day tasks and business projects.

In fact, constantly hearing the stress of our clients trying to keep up with their workloads is what prompted us to create Chicago-based co-managed service packages.

Is your IT team overburdened?
Let’s have a conversation about how our services can be a huge win for your team by lowering overall expenses and improving team efficiency.

Black Diamond Co-Managed IT Services vs IT Generalist

Black Diamond Team

  • Full team with diversified expertise allowing you to choose where your team needs additional help
  • Short or long term commitments available
  • An extension of your team
  • Network expertise
  • Help desk
  • 24/7/365 security services offered and data storage management expertise
  • Offers backup and disaster recovery management
  • High end IT technical tools included at no additional cost
  • Internal and external compliance expertise available
  • No employee benefits or tax expenses

IT Generalist

  • General IT experience - likely underexperienced in certain IT categories
  • 40-hour work week
  • Salary + Benefits costs
  • 2-4 weeks of vacation/personal time off
  • May not understand compliance and security complexities
  • Tends to be reactive as opposed to proactive
  • Has access only to internal tools or requires additional budget for additional tools.


What does Black Diamond’s Co-Managed IT Services Mean For The Sanity Of Your Internal IT Team?


When your internal staff spends significant time working on challenges for end users, typically routine maintenance and monitoring of the overall environment can fall in priority. Our team can automate much of this and make sure that both your users and your overall environment are given the consistent attention needed.


Most SMBs do not have the resources to hire a C-level IT strategist. Our proven fractional CIO service helps ownership plan its IT investments with long-term ROI as the top priority. Fractional CIO is the most popular addition to our co-managed services platform. This is because it offers extremely high business value at a very reasonable cost.


It is near impossible for your IT team to have HIGH expertise in every facet of technology. This is not a knock on your team, just reality. With Co-managed IT services, your team has access to our entire stack of IT experts. No matter where the gaps in skills sets may lie, you are covered.


The team at BDT has decades of experience with all types of data center projects. We can be available to your team for any part of a project including assessment, design, procurement, integration, and management – all at a predictable price point.


The word we often hear from internal IT staff is overwhelmed. Keeping your IT available and secure is no easy task. Our co-managed services team can help relieve your staff to focus on growth projects to move your business forward.


Investing in all of the tools that we use as well as the training to use them to their fullest capacity is not feasible for most IT departments. Leveraging our tools and our trained Co-managed services team gives you access to the BEST security, monitoring, and remediation tools in the industry. Period!

Co-managed IT services from Black Diamond Solutions is a complete win-win. A win for your company, and a win for your internal IT staff. We can offload many specific services including:

24x7 monitoring and management of your PCs and/or servers
Asset management and documentation
Full network documentation
Cybersecurity monitoring and remediation with 24x7x365 U.S. based coverage. Unlimited white labeled 24x7 U.S.-based help desk with quick response
Managed firewall, threat protection, web content filtering, scanning the dark web for compromised company credentials.
Unlimited white labeled 24x7 US based help desk with quick response
Short or long-term staff augmentation options
Options for web or application development
Options for onsite support

Our experienced IT experts can give you additional horsepower to assist your organization in making sound IT investments and work to ensure your IT staff is focused on the right projects. Our experienced team of engineers will complement your existing IT staff. With co-managed services, our team will become an extension of your IT department, giving your team members the freedom to work on other projects, take sick days and vacations, as well as not worry about complex or specialized IT projects.

Does your IT team need some assistance to keep up with all of the tasks and projects that continue to mount?

Reach out to the team at Black Diamond today and let us collaborate on a custom package that best fits your needs and budget.