Virtual CIO

Virtual CIO Services

Technology strategy and leadership for long-term success and growth of your small-to-midsize business.

Most small businesses under 200 employees do not have a budget for an experienced full-time chief information officer.

Our proven fractional model allows for the benefits of such a resource without the high cost.

Creating a living document for long-term IT strategy will help protect your business as well as help grow it.

Quarterly review of this strategy can help to keep goals on track and make necessary adjustments in company goals or new technologies.

Why is having a virtual CIO important?

Companies with a written 12-month plan on technology usage often increase revenue, decrease expenses, and help employees to become more efficient.

What is included in our virtual CIO services?

A medium (6-12 months) to long-term (24-36 months) plan will include:

IT Budgeting

Before you can start leveraging the power of IT infrastructure, you need to check your resources and appropriate the right amount of funds.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is absolutely essential in this digital age. We help you plan and set up your cloud network to make sure you’re headed towards success.

License Review

We conduct the license review for all open source software and BI software you use.

CRM/ERP Review

The kind of software you use for handling customer relationships and making use of ERP systems determines the outcome you get. We help you review current CRM/ERP software and see whether it is able to handle all your needs.

Infrastructure Refresh Planning

Upgrading your IT infrastructure is always a good decision. We help you plan a refresh for your IT infrastructure.

Communication Platforms Review

Running a global and remote team requires impeccable communication. You will need a one-stop communications solution for this, and we can help you find just the right one.

Internal IT Personnel Planning and Review

Your IT infrastructure is only as good as your IT Team. We help you review your IT personnel and plan manpower needs for the department that holds down your fort.

Systems Review

We help review and upgrade your various systems for collaborating and organizing workflow and communications throughout the organization.

Website Review

Your website is the first point of contact that your customers have with you. At BDT, we review your website to make sure it has good server capacity and can easily be identified by search engine crawlers.

Security Review

Cyber-attacks are becoming more common. We help review your cybersecurity systems and policies to make sure your employees and data are protected at all times.

Is your IT team in need of a virtual CIO who can give you expert-level advice and direction and lead you to technology success?

Reach out to BDT today and let us collaborate on a custom virtual CIO package that works best for your needs and budget.